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NV / 750

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    NV / 750

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A family business through and through, Veueve Ambal was founded in 1898 by Marie Ambal. This was a period when Champagne and their neighbouring regions were making great strides in the development of bottle fermented sparkling wines. A pioneer of her time and certainly not one to let an opportunity pass her by, Marie Ambal decided to develop her own vineyard in Burgundy where she made Pinots but also a high-quality sparkling wine. This was the beginning of the Veuve Ambal we know and love today. Currently the company is looked after by her descendant, Eric Piffault and his son Aurelien (Marie’s great-great grandson), making it a 6th generation family business. While it can’t be called Champagne (as Burgundy is not in the Champagne region) do not for a second think this is a second quality drop of wine. With awards being won as early as 1908, and now one of the largest producers in Burgundy, it is clear that this family knows how to make a spectacular bottle of sparkling wine.

The company now has 250ha of vineyards across 6 different terroirs in Burgundy, each one having intrinsic value to the finished product. Few have the luxury to do this and it is something not lost on the family. All Vueve Ambal domains are managed with sustainable methods, something that is at the core of the family ideology. With an impressive new winery and cellar being established in 2005 close to the town of Beaune, the family is always looking to pioneer and improve their wines, just like Marie Ambal before them.

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