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NV / 750

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    NV / 750

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The origins of the Ernest Irroy Champagne go back to the 17th century.  At that time, the vineyards surrounding the “Chasteau de IRROY en Champagne” and the Avenay convent were renowned for their delicious wines that were given to distinguished guests. 

The castle and the convent were destroyed during the French Revolution but the vineyards remained and finally acquired by the IRROY brothers. Among them, Ernest Irroy built a very respected brand in Reims, servicing a prestigious clientele. 

Set up on a 70 hectares domain and a beautiful property in the heart of Reims, Irroy remained a “Grande Marque” and an established house of champagne until 1955, when the family sold it to the Taittinger family. 

Under the Taittinger umbrella, Irroy continues to live and thrive by creating refined quality champagne, only non-vintage cuvées, Brut and Rosé, with a predominance of Pinot Noir.

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